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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Colour of Lies (Preview)

I've never really posted any of my stories on my blog. Usually I would post them in my other sites. But since I newly made this blog to share some of my work I decided to start of by posting this new story I've been working on. Btw, I am strictly warning of any plagiarism to my work so do pay some respect. I'm gonna start of by posting a small preview of this story.

The tittle of this story is THE COLOUR OF LIES.

If you're wondering why I chose such a tittle well I was inspired by one of the stories written by one author I met at this one site where writers share their stories. Her stories are about how this one boy can see the colours of sound. It then made me wonder, what if we can see the colour of lies? How would that feel then? Would we be disgusted by our surrounding? Would we lose our trust in people? These questions made me wonder and at the same time excited, at the new possibilities of what I can write and explore.

The Colour of Lies would be everything about how the perspective of a human being can change when we are given another view of looking at life. A view where we start to question about everything that makes us human.

Ryan can see lies.

Which is why he hated the very idea of living.

Will be posting the very first chapter soon!

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