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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Have you ever heard Connie Talbot's song called Inner Beauty? A simple song, but with gazillion meanings. My first encounter with this song was just like any other songs I've encountered in the past. If I find them interesting then I would make the effort to click them and start listening. If they're good enough then for the next couple of days I would repeat them non-stop until I finally decided that I was absolutely sick of them and STOP.

I did this, yes, exactly the same for this particular song but then today I decided to play it on my mp3 player for all time sake and this time, I seriously I mean it like seriously paid attention to the lyrics of this song and I've never felt so familiar. 

The morning starts like any other,
I find myself in front of the mirror picking out my imperfections,

These particular lyrics gave me goosebumps just at the fact how many girls out there and I dare to include in my bet..even boys...who does this. Including myself. It made me thought of a lot of things. Why do we have insecurities? It is because we are never satisfied of who and what we are as a human being and what we have been given by God? Or it is the case of feeling like we're nothing but tiny dots among those amazing and gorgeously looking people? Or it is just for a fact that we WILL NEVER be satisfied?

But then I heard these,

But should it really matter?
Why does it mean so much to me?
I wish I could believe in inner beauty.

I don't want to be look at if you can't see past all of my pretty lies.
There's more to this picture if you look deeper you will find me behind this eyes.
I'm right here behind these eyes, I'm right here, behind these eyes.

Which made me conclude that the biggest fear people have is not being able to satisfy others and fit in. We in all honesty want people to see us for who we truly are and we wish for nothing more than to be loved exactly that way. But at the same time, the growing environment of beauty, fashion, style and all that sort which is increase in fuel by the medias influenced us into thinking, NO this is not good enough. We are way behind. We are lame. We are nothing. 

Which is then developed into a major case of self-conscious, depression and a high level of insecurities. This is actually sad because it happens to everybody just for different things. It could probably be about impressing your crush or trying to be the best employee in front of your boss...anything. 

The thought of fitting in and looking the best in front of people from the outer point of view is just so severe that we began to look past our deepest desire. The way that we really want people to see us.

With our inner beauty.

And I say this not because I am a perfect human being who is free from all of this but simply and honestly because I am also a victim myself.

A victim of insecurities.

And the real question is,

Can we be save ?


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