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Saturday, August 1, 2015

10 things never to say to a woman

So I was just browsing the web lazily trying to find something worth while to read when I stumble upon this website that wrote all about what to never say to a woman. Usually I won't even pay attention to things like this but being a woman myself I feel the need to read this find out whether what they're saying are true.

1.) Are you really going to eat all of that?

Okay so this question definitely made me LOL-ed out bing time. It's a sensitive one after all. Well at least, I find that it is. I mean come on, what's wrong with a girl with a hearty appetite? Since when there exist a rule that only guys can pig out and not girls? We women can eat as much as men can if we want to perioddd. But I really do believe that we women get tick off by such question because it is almost like saying that we're a pig for eating nonstop and so YES, THAT is offensive.

2.) B***ch

This is common sense people okay so lets not waste time on it. Insult is a no-no no matter what gender you are.

3.) My ex-used to....

Girls are jealous creatures so by mentioning your ex in front of them of course you can expect a world war three and such. Instead of doing this, it's better to compliment her and tell her all the good thing about herself. Make her feel loved you know.

4.) You sound just like your mother.

Hm I don't think I would feel offended by this because my mom is a good person so it's a good thing rather than a bad thing. But I don't know about you guys thou.

5.) Yeah, she's hot.

Refer to number 3.

6.) What's up with your hair.

To all boys where ever you are all over the world. Girl experience bad hair day once in a while so there is no need to make them feel worst about it. Do not tell them of what they're already know.

7.) Relax.

I think it all depend on how the guy makes it sound. If it's really nice and smooth to hear I don't think I will have any problem with it. But if it has like sort of an annoyed tone to it then I would definitely have a problem with it.

8.) Is this your time of the month?

asjsfkfkf yes we do not need to talk about it especially when we're sensitive.

9.) You always do that.

This one I'm not pretty sure. I guess I would feel offended by it slightly but I think it's better to know our mistakes so we can make a change for the better. I don't know what will it be for other girls thou.

10.) I love you.

You might find this weird but it's true. I love you is a very golden thing to say but the way you say it or present it can change on perspective. For example, if you say it too many time just to cover your mistakes with no real genuine intention, then it will just be nothing but trash so be careful boys, girls can tell.

So to conclude it all I do believe that women can be similar in some ways over matters that are sensitive to them however, there are things that are not similar. Some girls can handle things like this better than other girls so really, it's all about how they view things.


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