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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Devil eyes and Wall

I look down as the wind blew in,
Closing my eyes as breeze flew trough the hollows of my ears,

This aching feeling,
Those sleepless nights,
These breathless hours,

And I keep on looking down,
As I thought of the tomorrow that never seems to come,

The stares of deviled eyes,
The speech of lucifer,

I wonder,

Will this head stood tall once again?

(FH Dream Writer, August 2015)

I squinted my eyes as the rays flung through,
Am I alive,
I open my eyes and think again, 
This is not a dream, is it?

These invisible wings that I tried to spread,
That I tried to spread if I can fly again... the end of the tunnel would be,
I am afraid but I know I could not just stay here doing nothing.

I know this is not the end,
These feet that kept me standing,
These scarred hands of mine,
The proof of sufferings and hardships,
Years of pain oh will I see the end?
No, it is not the end is just the beginning,
It is merely a start,

And as I stood in front of this great big wall of yesterday,
Breathing so ever soothingly,
I began to realize,
more and more...


I am Alive,

(FH Dream Writer, Nada, Balqis, Darma)


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