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Friday, April 24, 2015


You know what I hate most about stress?

The fact that it can reveal to people the dark side of you that you wish to never ever reveal for as long as you live.

But that is not an easy option is it?

When it comes to stress, you just can't help it. Because stress is one of those emotions that can make you lose control of yourself in the most annoying ways. Stress can come from various forms; whether it came from your family, your peers, your work or sometimes even, the sudden things or 'random pop' that comes from out of no where disturbing your peace.

And the worst part about stress is probably the repetition.

It's one thing to endure a stress, but it's another thing to endure the same stress over and over again because there is just no solution to make things better.

I do believe that there are ways to cope stress like how the many researches have proven to us. But how do really people applied those research in coping with their stress? That is probably the biggest question on this matter.

If people can really cope with stress then why do each year we hear cases of suicide or depression or beating increasing each day?

Then what's the point of researching if people are not applying to them ?

Stress is so mysterious and varies with people I don't think we can ever understand it.

Lets just try and work hard not to let it get to us that much.

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