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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Have you ever heard about personality differences study that was proposed by Colin Cooper? 

If you have than you would understand what sort of topic I would be talking about today.

If you haven't then I suggest you go and find out about it. It is quite interesting.


Because I believe that the differences between us humans is what makes us unique or special. However, it always occur to me that sometimes being too different makes you an outcast or viewed as stuffy or weird. 

You know it's weird how people think and view things. What we see and what we perceive, doesn't necessarily point out what other people see or perceive. Due to this, I assume is where the word 'outcast' come to exist.

We might view a certain people as being cool and unique but others might view he or she as a weirdo. Because really, everything about humans are subjective. 

So how can we really know what's right and what's wrong?

What is the definition of being cool or smart or outgoing?

It is what the majority of people say and view or the nature of personality itself that we understand?

And that is the question that I am leaving hanging around.

Simply because perspectives and views of people are different.

You might have a different opinion.

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